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Ensuring Smooth Care Transitions and Secure, Interactive Communication

The private social network in I’M HOME! makes it easy for patients and their caregiver to adhere to discharge instructions, share their recovery progress, and use the system’s clinical educational resources  to take care of themselves.

  • Patients and caregivers interactively engage with their care team
  • Care plan adherence and medication management are tracked daily
  • Users can quickly access and share personal health records, manage medications, and schedule follow-up appointments


Daily Interactions and Automated Prompts Ensure Adherence and Recovery

I’M HOME provides clinicians with the tools to combat the biggest drivers of hospital readmissions, including:

  • An intelligent, configurable notifications engine to prompt patients and caregivers so discharge instructions are followed and provide timely delivery of clinicially-relevant educational materials
  • A rules-based alerts engine to notify caregivers and clinicians when discharge instructions have not been followed
  • A secure platform for communication between the acute care team, patients, family caregivers, and clinical specialists
  • Condition-specific multimedia resources that can be assigned to patients and caregivers to boost care plan adherence



Rules-Based Alerts Keep the Clinical Care Team Aware of the Patient’s Progress

The private social network in I’M HOME makes it easy for patients and their family caregiver to adhere to discharge instructions, share their recovery progress, and learn the skills to take care of themselves.

  • A single, user-friendly system where patients can check in with their clinicial care team
  • Clinicians can easily view and respond to patient updates
  • Personal health records can be stored, accessed, and shared
  • Patients can manage medications and schedule follow-up appointments

Mobile Healthcare Devices Monitor Patients & Provide Clinical Insights

I’M HOME aggregates data from popular biosensor devices, creating a new information stream that hospitals need. Device data helps to track recovery progress and can provide insights to pre-empt a costly readmission. Integrated devices include:

  • Withings Weight and BMI Scale
  • Withings Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Pedometers like Fitbit and FitBug
  • Blood Glucose Meters for management of diabetes




Reports for Patient Progress and Lowering Readmissions

Administrative reports track every action relevant to lowering readmission rates. I’M HOME!’s reports help providers see what is working and what needs to change in order to improve quality of care. Reports include:

  • Alert rates for medication neglect, patient care plan adherence and failure to log-in
  • Overall system and feature utilization
  • Patient views of prescribed educational videos and compliance survey completion
  • Patient satisfaction survey results, administered through the I’M HOME! patient portal on web or mobile

A HIPAA Secure Personal Health Records Vault

I’M HOME!  enables patients and caregivers to independently store, manage and share their personal health records, so they maintain complete control. Each patient is assigned a secure fax number, which can be used to import patient records, documents images or voicemails. I’M HOME! integrates with existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to transfer patient records and discharge instructions.

Users can grant physicians access to their files thereby eliminating the time and cost of physician-to-physician or hospital-to-hospital communications when files such as lab reports, x-rays, MRIs or charts need to be shared.

  • Patient-controlled, secure storage and management of health records
  • Health records are transmitted and stored using a variety of methods, including fax, e-mail, phone, or file upload
  • Use the vault to store other important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, insurance policies and wills, in one central location